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Jan. 12th, 2013 04:40 pm
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Things are going nicely and not-so-nicely post surgery.

On the plus side: Much less healing time and pain due to a laparoscopic procedure. Its considerably easier to move around now than it was just 2 days ago, and it keeps getting better at that rate.
On the downside: Its still going to suck wearing real pants til these heal, and every so often I get stabbing pain just below the right side of my ribcage when I breathe/move/do anything. My body ever so kindly reminding me that something was there before that's now gone missing, and it isn't terribly happy about it.

Also on the downside: No real pain medication. I was given a very weak prescription that is essentially Tylenol by another name. Yes its a minor procedure and many patients say they felt little pain afterwards, but for some- apparently I'm among those some- it can be deeply uncomfortable for the first few days. Moot point now, but still.

Downside first this time: Even days later I still have swelling that makes me look pregnant, and small though they are, I have 4 noticeable, *very* itchy, irritating scars on my abdomen.
The upside: I fully plan on making up awesome fake stories about those later. I got shot by hobbits, dammit.

And now, for the curious and/or morbidly inclined and entertained:

Not a great photo, but not easy to take when you can't really see what you're doing(no mirrors handy at the time). And though a few of my twisted friends actually asked me to take a picture of this... who really wants it in better detail??

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