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Like many people, I hate my job(I work in the back rooms of a thrift store). I walked into it with good vibes, and those got destroyed almost immediately by my managers, who are the most biased, disorganized and incompetent spewers of bullshit I have ever met to date. However, most of the other people I work with are awesome and completely insane, which doesn't really balance it out but it helps. xD I often get involved in, or at least overhear some very bizarre conversations- overhearing them is actually better, because its often just little snippets and the total lack of context added to an already insane statement just makes everything funnier.

For no real reason, every so often I make a list of all the ridiculous things I can remember talking about or overhearing walking around over the course of a week or so. Occasionally weird things people do also get thrown in. I did this over on LJ, and I'm continuing it here! Here be the latest results:

"The toaster was wearing a dress."

"Hey, at least I wasn't a bunny!"

A particularly special moment in which one of the back room guys- a very tall, fairly big black guy- came into clothing/misc room with a 5-ft tall Elmo doll someone had just donated, and started puppeteering it around, eventually leading to him dancing with it when "Lets get it on" came on the radio.

"When are you coming in tomorrow?"
"I dunno, depends on how fucked up I get tonight."

A conversation I overheard between two little boys in the toy aisle, while they were playing with something(they seemed to be pretending there was a zombie attack or something, because they kept talking about people being bitten and getting killed xD):

Kid 1: Does this guy die?
Kid 2: Yeah, he gets bitten.
Kid 1: What about this guy?
Kid 2: Yeah, he dies too.
Kid 1: What about him?
Kid 2: No. He's got pink pants on.
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