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Well, I can attest to this weekend having gone better than the last- this one was spent with lovely acquaintances and 2 old friends in a drum circle. Everyone had those big African drums, and unfortunately since no one else brought any other instruments and I didn't just want to sit there, I tried my hand at it despite having no idea what I'm doing. xD Though admittedly being a bit high at the time(as was everyone) helped to quell the stage-fright, for lack of a better term, hehehe.

The experience is amazing, and honestly a bit intense. These guys are all pros and work with and off each other while playing flawlessly, its quite a thing to behold. It was entirely improv, but no one really ever messed up or slipped out of rhythm, and its as if everyone was in perfect sync with each other- rhythm changes happened instantly and near simultaneously and everyone always fit together without a hitch. I was mostly counting on everyone else being too loud to hear me just kind of pattering away, haha. Though there was one particular incident where I apparently just zoned out for an indeterminate amount of time- I was "there," but it was more like I had taken a conscious back seat and was just observing from a distance, if that makes sense(which it probably doesn't). I was there but not. All I know is I finally snapped back into reality and I was playing like a motherfucker. Its like I was possessed. And of course once I became aware of this, for the life of me I couldn't keep it up. I tried many times throughout the night and just failed every time- I'd slip up or play too soft or just mess up every time I got a decent pattern going... it was very strange. xD But the night as a whole was very energizing and TONS of fun. I really hope this happens again sometime soon and I happen to be invited back.

I also have an interview at a bookstore nearby later today. I applied there nearly a year ago and was interviewed then too, but they didn't pick me. It was funny, I decided to stop up there a few days ago, found a few books I wanted, and it just so happened that the manager who had interviewed me was at the register. Somehow he recognized me and remembered I had applied, and mentioned that they were hiring again if I was still looking. I've been wanting to get out of my current job for months now, so I jumped at the chance and another interview was set up right on the spot! Weird how things work sometimes. Wish me luck this time around, I need it! I like the people I work with at the thrift store, but I can't stand my managers or the general work environment, its infuriating. For the sake of my sanity, I need a new job. xD Cross your fingers.


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