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Its 3:30 AM, I'm on my 6th cup of tea in the past 5 hours, I have to be at work at 8:30... sleep isn't happening tonight.

The good news is I did get another job- I was hired on the spot at the book store! I started last Monday and so far, so good. Everyone who works there seems very nice and of the nerdy and twisted-humored variety(big bonus), its a full-time position like the last job, and there's the added awesomeness of paid vacation days. I win! There are 2 8-hour shifts, one that starts at 8:30 and one that starts at 1:30, with just a bit of overlap between the two. My night-owl self very much enjoys the 1:30 shift despite it eating up the entire day... I don't care if everything is closed and there's nowhere to go once I leave work, I'm perfectly content puttering around the house entertaining myself til 4 AM. x)

Also, since there was no update- the hearing on the 13th went... okay. No one is going to jail on a lie, so I guess that can be considered a win. He did actually lose the case(and this boggles my mind to this day), but due to circumstances- like an astounding lack of evidence since, y'know, nothing actually happened- the only thing he got slapped with was anger management classes. In the grand scheme of things I guess that's not such a bad outcome. I just hope he wises up, realizes the implications of that little debacle and makes a final decision concerning what to do about her and his daughter. He can either continue to put up with this manipulative bullshit, he can fight for custody or he can just lay all his cards on the table and walk away altogether. I know he won't choose option 3 because while its honestly the best option, he will refuse at any cost to let go of a chance to see his daughter and be some part of her life. I can't blame him at all for this, but its not every day someone's psychopathic ex gets them sent to jail for closing a door. Its not every day you potentially get another record added to your name because you refused to let someone else harass you at your own residence, which they showed up to unannounced and uninvited. This is just one of many, many, many similar incidents. How long can someone put up with this?

Well, the tea is done and thus so is this late night stream-of-consciousness. Hopefully sometime soon I can get out of the house and wander a bit- I've been meaning to get back downtown and take pictures. Then I'll at least have something interesting to post up here! xD We shall see where the next several days take me.

Date: 2013-02-23 04:25 pm (UTC)
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Congrats on the job! :D Yay.

I am really sorry to hear what's up with this fella and his toxic ex. What the hell is it about domestic abuse and custody cases where the favor always seems to land in the lap of whoever is the most abusive partner? Makes me headdesk in sorrow-rage.


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