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I broke down. I gave in.

I joined a dating site.

God help me.

My first legit relationship with someone ended early last May, which gave me the unique position of being able to say I've been dumped for Jesus(he went into the seminary). That entire relationship was a freak accident- I happened to meet him at the restaurant I worked at, which he almost didn't show up to because he couldn't find it, on a day I was considering calling off. I also just happened to get my friend's table(he was part of her group) in my section, otherwise we still wouldn't have met. This was the first relationship I'd been in since junior high. I don't think I need to go into any further detail for you to get that I suck at this kind of thing to begin with.

I'm not a terribly social person, I'm embarrassingly shy and awkward around people I don't know, I don't have many real-life friends since most of them left the state for school, and I'm usually not in a good enough financial state to be able to run out to the bars on the weekends and I can't stand nightclubs. So... okcupid became an option. Meh.

I had high hopes at first, especially because a day after I made my profile someone messaged me and we began talking pretty regularly. He seemed very charming, polite and very intelligent, and he claimed to enjoy our conversations quite a lot. Several days after this correspondence began I decided to grow a pair and be forward for once, and sent him a text asking if he'd like to meet in town and grab coffee. We met, we talked for awhile, wandered around the city, and there were a handful of awkward moments on my part but it seemed to go well overall. We parted ways, the next day I sent a message his way thanking him for the evening... he responded 2 days later... I responded to that message...

Haven't heard from him since. This was 6 days ago. Went from multiple messages a day and him even apologizing if he couldn't write back at his normal speed, to... nothing once we'd met.

What the hell did I do?!

I've been outgoing enough- and this is actually "outgoing" for me- to send people messages on the site, just saying hi and expressing an interest in getting to know them... haven't heard back from a damned one. I'm not entirely sure what it is I'm doing wrong, but my god, I must be transforming it into an art.
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