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(originally Squeakyspooky from Livejournal. I finally gave up on LJ and migrated over here- if you happen to stumble upon me and we used to be friends there, or you wanted to be, feel free to add me!)

I'm an archer, a beadworker, a collector of instruments and obsessive lover of birds. Overly proud of my Scottish/Ojibwe heritage. Fairly talented tarot reader who enjoys having that skill taken advantage of(ask for a reading!). Fairly shy, nice unless provoked, full of contradictions. I am AWESOME.

So says I.

Starting this off for the same reason I started on LJ- I enjoy getting to know other people that I otherwise never would've met, and sharing things between them all. I'm very hard to offend, keep an open mind concerning everything, have a twisted sense of humor and enjoy being able to learn things from others, and occasionally being able to teach some things in return. Its amazing what you can learn from total strangers if you're willing! And then, of course, they're no longer such strangers but rather friends, even if they're on the other side of the planet. I hope anyone who stumbles upon this won't be afraid to send me a friend request- I look forward to getting to know as many people as possible. :)

Marriage is love.

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africa, american gods, animism, anishinaabe, anthony bourdain, archery, architecture, arizona, arthur conan doyle, asexuality, astronomy, being a smartass, bill hicks, biology, birds, blues, bob dylan, bob marley, buddhism, cameras, catholicism, cheese, chopin, christianity, classical, coffee, comedy, criminal minds, crows, cruxshadows, danny elfman, dante's inferno, david bowie, depression, deserts, dexter, discworld, doctor who, dogs, doves, drawing, dreams, drinking, durga, eagles, eastern orthodoxy, elvis, erik satie, europe, fantasy, fiction, flutes, folk magic, folklore, friendship, fringe, george harrison, god, good omens, grace slick, healing, hinduism, history, hoodoo, horror, hugs, icons, india, it, jack white, jackassery, janis joplin, jewelry making, jimi hendrix, johnny cash, kerr, knives, matisyahu, medeival period, meditation, metal, mythbusters, mythology, native americans, native history, nature, neil gaiman, neko case, oingo boingo, ojibwe, old books, orientation, oscar wilde, parrots, perversion, photography, pink floyd, plants, poetry, pottery, prokofiev, psychology, ravens, reading, religion, renaissance, rootwork, rum, sacred space, saints, sci-fi, science, scotland, sexuality, shakespeare, sherlock, shiva, sociology, son house, southwest, spirituality, stephen king, storytelling, system of a down, tarot, tattoos, taxidermy, techno, terry pratchett, the beatles, the dark tower series, the doors, the grateful dead, the white stripes, therapy, they might be giants, tom waits, totems, vnv nation, whiskey, wolves, wormholes, yantras
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